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18 Feb

Are You Having Trouble Finding Enough Staff to Clean Your Site?

27 Jan


Clean Office Environments for COVID-19 by CCS Cleaning and with concerns about COVID-19's rise, office environments where many people work are becoming potential breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses as a result.

25 Jan

Tips to combat fall germs and the flu with green cleaning

Start a house cleaning business by being realistic with your expectations and goals. Cleaning is always in demand, and traditionally more recession-proof than many other businesses. Professional cleaners learn that during their first three years, some practical planning and realistic action is necessary.

24 Dec

How to spend less time cleaning your house

The best way to motivate yourself to keep things clean is to set up a schedule. Have a day and time on which you’ll clean the bathroom, or reorganize your clothes, or vacuum. Don’t deviate from that time unless you absolutely have to. Alright, this last one is admittedly a bit of a crazy statement.

21 Dec

Why you should hire a professional cleaning company

Facility executives say they are searching for a commercial cleaning service who can guide them to more efficient and eco-friendly cleaning processes, as well as to other specialty programs such as cleaning for health. Overseeing a daily operation of a workplace like a factory plant is no easy task.

15 Dec

Here are some tips for cleaning child care facilities in a safe and healthy manner

Keeping your space clean is essential for running a safe, high quality, successful daycare center. Germs, bacteria, and illnesses can spread throughout the center and affect children and staff quickly. Every surface, from toys and books to tabletops,walls can harbor unsafe bacteria and grime.

10 Dec

Window cleaning drawing in Boise: expert’s perspective

Working as a house cleaner and sprucing up your own house are not remotely the same thing. Cleaning your own home only takes time, energy and your choice of supplies. In contrast, professional cleaners are required to expertly handle responsibilities ranging from client relations, time constraints.