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18 February 2023

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Are You Having Trouble Finding Enough Staff to Clean Your Site?

The day-to-day operation of facility services and maintenance within an organization depends on the right staff. Insufficient staffing or a high turnover rate for maintenance and facility service employees are common challenges faced by many facilities.

Global staffing shortages

45% of businesses in the US cannot find the staff they need to fill available positions due to current staffing shortages. (Forbes.com, n.d.) (Group, n.d.) This shortage of skilled labor forces many companies to halt production or disrupt their regular facility maintenance and services. In addition to affecting a facility’s operation certification, these delays can result in increased repair and maintenance costs.

Staffing shortages must be addressed by organizations

There has been no effect on the demand for labor such as cleaning, maintenance, and other facility services within organizations. However, companies must address concerns such as compensation, safety, training, and hiring difficulties within highly specialized roles.

Staffing Shortage Mitigated by CCS

You can easily solve the staffing shortage by outsourcing your facility management and enterprise solutions to a dedicated partner. In addition to providing you with qualified staff to serve your needs, Controlled Contamination Services (CCS) is your trusted guide to designing a facility services program that is focused on health, safety, and quality. CCS includes:

Staff with qualified qualifications

By providing and retaining trained staff nationwide, CCS fulfills its mission of “serving businesses that impact the world.” Our purpose is to develop our staff and service according to the critical factors and health and safety requirements of your environment. The CCS offers competitive wages and benefits to retain its skilled staff. We invest in our team members to ensure that they remain invested in the success of our partners.

Assurance of quality

A robust Quality Management System (QMS) at CCS ensures compliance with some of the highest manufacturing practices under ISO 9001:2015. CCS operates under a robust QMS, which includes training, audits, document management, and a requirement to retain records.

SOP training

Every micro-cleaner on site receives a 3-tiered training program designed to qualify them to clean in critical environments and specifically according to your SOPs.

We can help you structure your facility services program and resolve your staffing shortage!

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