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Struggling to Get Sufficient Staffing to Clean Your Site?

Day-to-day facility services and maintenance operations within an organization rely on proper staffing. A common challenge that many facilities encounter is the inability to hire adequate staffing or experiencing a high turnover rate for facility service and maintenance employees.

Staffing Shortages Span Worldwide

The current staffing shortages are affecting more than 50% of businesses in the US and 45% of employers cannot find the staff they need to fill available roles. (Forbes.com, n.d.) (Group, n.d.) Unfortunately, this skilled labor shortage forces many companies to halt production or in certain industries disrupt their routine facility maintenance and services. These delays can cause secondary issues such as increased repair and maintenance costs and impact a facility’s operation certification(s).

Organizations Must Face the Staffing Shortage

The shortage of workers hasn’t affected the demand for labor like cleaning, maintenance, and other facility services needed within organizations. Companies must face compensation, safety, training concerns, and hiring difficulties within highly specialized roles.

CCS Mitigates the Staffing Shortage for Partners

The easiest solution to the staffing shortage is entrusting a dedicated partner to outsource your facility management and enterprise solutions. Controlled Contamination Services (CCS) is your trusted guide for structuring a facility services program centered on health, safety, and quality, including procuring the qualified staff to serve your needs. With CCS, you are provided with:

Qualified Staff

CCS fulfills our mission of “servicing the companies that impact the world” by providing and retaining trained staff nationwide. Our purpose is to develop our staff and service according to your environment’s critical factors and need for health and safety. CCS retains our specialized staff by offering competitive wages and benefits. We invest in our team members so that they stay invested in our partners’ success.

Quality Assurance

CCS has an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System (QMS) that ensures compliance with some of the highest manufacturing practices. CCS operates under a robust QMS, which incorporates everything necessary to maintain compliance. This includes training, audits, document management, and a recorded retention requirement.

Training to SOP’s

Our staff receives a 3-tiered training program that qualifies them to clean in critical environments and specifically to your SOPs. Your SOP is understood and adhered to by every micro-cleaner on site. When applicable, our cleaners document what they have done correctly.

Contact CCS to begin structuring your facility services program and resolve your staffing shortage!

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