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3 Common Challenges Businesses Encounter with their Enterprise Solutions Provider

Within the industries that we serve, we observe many of the challenges that businesses can see in the process of onboarding or transitioning to a specialty facility service provider. Challenges of any size can cause serious disruptions to your business’ core operations. Three common challenges that businesses encounter with their enterprise solutions provider are:

  • Transitioning to Your Site
  • Hiring & Staffing
  • Communication & Reporting

Transitioning to Your Site

A vendor transitioning to your site is not always an easy experience and it becomes even more difficult when that vendor isn’t prepared to take on your services. Without a streamlined onboarding process, communication, and training gaps can cause disruptions to the onboarding timeline. Starting on the right foot is essential for ensuring that services are provided on an optimal schedule.

Transitions can be difficult, making them pain-free is Controlled Contamination Services’ expertise. CCS has a proven “Start Right, Stay Right” process to prepare the transition of our teams to be trained and ready on day one. We have a dedicated transition team that specializes in onboarding and communication to mitigate any issues, resulting in a streamlined experience for every enterprise partner.

Hiring & Staffing

It is common for a facility services vendor to have hiring and staffing challenges. Oftentimes vendors may not have adequate personnel to serve their clients and their existing staff may lack the training and fundamental practices to effectively serve your needs. In addition, many vendors do not have optimized hiring processes, which leads to staffing shortages and high turnover.

With our experience in staffing for enterprise service solutions, CCS has developed a specialized recruiting path that leads to seamless hiring and optimal staffing. Part of that path is hiring within your local communities. We retain whom we acquire by offering immersive onboarding, competitive wages, and benefits to our staff. The stress of inadequate or undertrained staff is mitigated for CCS’s enterprise partners.

Communication & Reporting

Accountability is key when partnering with a facility services vendor. When a vendor does not track, manage, and communicate KPI’s regularly there is a severe lack of accountability for the services provided. In order to properly address particular areas of concern, you should be able to maintain an open line of communication with your vendor.

Once on-site and integrated, CCS communicates openly using proven dependable methods. This includes assigning a dedicated point of contact to every client that chooses to partner with us. For quality assurance, Quarterly Business Reviews are conducted with key account management to review KPIs and any concerns our partners may have. Solutions are then implemented and then reevaluated in the following review.

Conquer Challenges By Partnering with CCS

No matter the challenge, Controlled Contamination Services (CCS) provides the solution. CCS sets the standard when it comes to dedicated communication and elite quality services to your facility. We take pride in providing highly specialized services to companies that impact the world. Ready to get started? We have dedicated representatives ready to serve you!

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