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Tips to combat fall germs and the flu with green cleaning

Tips to combat fall germs and the flu with green cleaning

I understand why some people dread the transition from the relaxed weekend to the busy workweek—it can be a shock to the system. However, I don’t agree with all of the Mondays-hate out there. On that note, I cannot stress enough how beneficial it would be for busy families or individuals to hire a housekeeper. It can make such a decisive impact on your life! Even just taking care of those little tasks that don’t necessarily require heavy cleaning can ease a lot of stress.


It seems cliched to say it, but sometimes we let things slip through the cracks. We spend too much time thinking about them, too much energy worrying about them. You deserve a house cleaner or home maker to make your life easier. You deserve a professional house cleaner, or a dedicated housekeeper. Maybe you have trouble folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen, or cleaning bathrooms.

A house cleaner may be needed quickly for a party, a hotel maid may be needed to clean motel rooms, or a hospital housekeeper may be needed.

Now, great housekeeping has a place in any relationship; be it professional or personal. To ensure success, one must choose the right match in terms of the qualities they possess. Thus, I canvassed my friends to ask what was their most desired trait among a new housekeeper. After deliberation, I condensed their answers into the following:

Organize and be efficient

A lack of efficiency – either through an eclectic personality, an easily-distracted mind or simple laziness – is one of the primary reasons that cleaning the house can take hours. The vast majority of the time, when you spend hours cleaning up a room, you were probably not really cleaning the entire thing. Clany Tip: Don’t try to accomplish more than one chore at a time. Focus on what you are doing.


The most effective way to stay motivated with respect to tidying up is to put a timetable in place. Designate a specific day and time for activities such as cleaning the bathroom, organizing your apparel, vacuuming or doing grocery shopping; and stick to it except in special cases. Now this might sound odd, but perhaps you make cleaning too much of an ordeal because you have the wrong mindset? Following Babauta’s advice, why not use it as a means of relaxation and contemplation? That way you may not necessarily relish chores anymore, but at least you will feel like there is something else that you get out of it besides merely wiping down surfaces or scrubbing a toilet.
It is common for food establishments to fail to meet health regulations on cleanliness due to a lack of daily cleaning tasks. These tasks are sensitive and failing to perform them compounds the mess created. There is a need to clean areas that come in direct contact with dirt on a daily basis. Some areas will need to be cleaned more than once a day if they become dirty. Daily cleaning tasks include:

  • Keeping food preparation areas clean.
  • Keeping beverage dispenser heads and bottle openers clean.
  • Let the crockery and utensils dry after washing.
  • Ensure that uniforms, aprons, towels, and rags are clean.
  • The waste disposal area and the waste bins should be disinfected.

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