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24 December 2022

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How to spend less time cleaning your house

I may not be an overly cheerful Peppy Patty, however I cannot fathom why people seem to loathe Mondays. Certainly it’s difficult to transition from the leisure of weekend to the requirements of weekdays…but there is a way to make life simpler and more organized. For singles, couples or families with no time for cleaning or tidying up – having a housekeeper can potentially be transformative. I’ll admit this seems a bit extreme but it is true. Even small tasks can have an immense impact on your living environment.


It feels cliched to say it, but we tend to let things slip through the cracks. We spend too much time thinking about them, too much energy worrying about them. You deserve a house cleaner or homemaker to make your life easier. You deserve professional house cleaning, or a dedicated housekeeper. Perhaps you have difficulty folding laundry, cleaning your oven or counter tops, or scrubbing your bathrooms.


Perhaps you need a hotel maid to help scrub motel rooms, or you need a professional to help with hospital housekeeping.


Finding the perfect housekeeper doesn’t have to be a challenge. As with any relationship, it’s important to start off on the right note and make sure that both parties are well-suited for one another. I turned to my friends for advice, so I asked them for their top quality in a potential hire. Here’s what they said:

Organize and be efficient

It can take hours to clean the house because of a lack of efficiency – either due to an eclectic personality, an easily distracted mind, or simply laziness. Most of the time, you are not really cleaning a room in all but the most extreme cases. Instead, you were trying to do about ten things at once. Clany Tip: Don’t take on more than one chore at a time. Concentrate on what you’re doing.


To motivate yourself to keep things tidy, try setting out a schedule. Allocate a certain time on a certain day for tasks like cleaning the bathroom, sorting clothes, vacuuming or grocery shopping – and stick to it unless something unavoidable comes up. Although you might not enjoy housework, an alternative approach suggested by Babauta is considering it as a meditative exercise, allowing you to make better use of your time rather than simply tidying up.


Cleaning tasks in this category are sensitive, and failure to execute them compounds the mess resulting. Many food establishments fail to meet health regulations on cleanliness. As a rule, areas that come into direct contact with dirt should be cleaned daily. Some of these areas will need to be cleaned more than once per day when they become dirty. Daily cleaning tasks include:

  • Keeping food preparation areas clean.
  • Keeping beverage dispenser heads and bottle openers clean.
  • Let the crockery and utensils dry after washing.
  • Towels, aprons, and uniforms should be clean.
  • Ensure that the waste disposal area and the waste bins are disinfected.

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