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We work with many well-known high-street retail brands.

Commercial cleaning is not without its challenges, particularly around local legislation and employees ‘right to work’. Transparency and compliance are essential to ensure we meet the legal requirements. We focus on what’s important to our customers and ensuring that their site always reaches its full potential.



CCS Four Cornerstones of Commercial Cleaning

Providing the best possible cleaning standards for your commercial space is our goal. CCS are experienced in commercial cleaning and understand exactly what it takes to provide a superb professional service. Using custom made cleaning schedules tailored to the needs of each site, we work in the smartest way possible to guarantee high-standards are maintained.

CCS enthusiastic and reliable teams are experienced in catering to a wide variety of commercial cleaning projects. Our clever systems of work are designed with the customer in mind and are lean, efficient and thought-out.

Your Commercial Space

Commercial cleaning is unique to each customer and location. CCS will make a considered effort to understand the exact requirements of each customers’ locations. The environment and the services required may differ, but our focus on professional results remains consistent across every site. We achieve this by listening to our customers and implementing effective custom cleaning schedules to meet your requirements.

Shared Teams

Teamwork is essential for success in the cleaning industry. CCS believes collaboration and open communication are what make for great teams, this is reflected in the way we work and interact with you our customers. Teamwork is promoted at all levels of our business, something that will be obvious as your cleaning partner.

Shared Customer

At CCS, we carry out our work with two customers in mind: you, our client; and your end customer. Our team members are trained to be approachable and enthusiastic to help both your employees and your customers whenever necessary. We do our utmost to ensure we provide great customer service as well as our superb cleaning results.

Shared Knowledge

In a busy commercial setting where there are different groups of people at work, good communication and shared knowledge can help everyone improve the way they work. At CCS, we are people orientated and we ensure our employees understand and embrace your company values, which makes us more effective as your cleaning partner.